By Barbara Brockbank 30/10/2020

Hi there friends! 

My mind is just going back a couple of weeks when I got the news that, being 70+, I was to self-isolate for 12 weeks at least! Now I know that not that many days later most of us found ourselves in the same boat! But I remember my first feelings: 

1.   Of feeling trapped…a bit like when, as a tutor with the Open University, I gave my first tutorial to a student in prison. I remember following a prison officer down long corridors through at least 6 sets of double doors that were systematically unlocked and then locked behind us. There was a heavy feeling in my head knowing I couldn’t just turn around and walk out and go home when I wanted to! I was trapped! 

2.    Of feeling useless….there were people out there doing the stuff and I was at home doing the gardening!  

But then I gradually started to think a bit outside myself and phoned a person here and there who was self-isolating and living on their own and prayed for a few people who came to mind or who I was concerned about. The conviction within me has gradually grown that we all have a part to play in this and it’s important to do what God is giving each of us to do however small. This is what I started to write just before lunch: 

To each of us, God is giving a special role to play. It may be big… may be small. We may feel that our role is significant…..we may feel it is insignificant. It may be something practical; it may be to pray. Whatever, it is not for us to judge! It is not for us to write off what God is giving us as irrelevant or unimportant. What is important, though, is our faithfulness and obedience. 

God will give each of us a different measure. One of us may feel to pray for one person, another for their neighbourhood, another a whole town or city, another a whole nation. The size of the task is not the issue. It is like the parable of the talents. The important thing is to do what God asks. Don’t let’s fall into the trap of ignoring the one small thing God asks of us like the man with one talent. 

Our measure may well grow as we are obedient. You may be praying for your neighbourhood this week and find yourself interceding for Spain next week! 

If we will all be obedient then God will raise up a might army not only across this country but across the world. Come Lord Jesus! Your kingdom come. 

As I’ve started to do a small thing here and another there, I have to say I’ve felt a whole lot better in myself and that ‘trapped in’ feeling has gone. 

Well, all for now. Off to do a spell in the garden, 

Take care! 

Much love